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  1. ricebag macrumors member

    Aug 31, 2004
    Hi all, I'm sorry to keep posting on this, but I want to be sure. Does it seem to anyone else like the ibooks and powerbooks are currently very similar, while the iMacs beat the hell out of either system and are a fair bit cheaper (than high end, at least)? Does this mean likely (minor?) speed boosts/cost reductions for the powerbooks within the next month?

    I'm mainly asking you experienced people out there, because it sure seems that way to me, but I don't know if there's always this big gap between laptops and desktops (obviously, the G5 makes a difference, but even in clock speed) or if anyone knows if the powerbooks are still selling really well and they won't change anything until they aren't. So, if anyone knows anything about these issues, please let me know!

    Thank you all so much!

    (edit: in case anyone is curious why I'm obsessed about this, I just would be extremely happy taking a 200 dollar reduction and getting the computer a month later)
  2. James L macrumors 6502a

    Apr 14, 2004

    Well, as you mentioned these questions have been asked and answered a thousand times, but once again:

    1) You cannot compare desktops to laptops in terms of price vs. technology. Laptops are more expensive... period. You are paying a premium for the mobility.

    2) The current lineup of iBooks and PB's came out on April 19th, the new Imac came out on August 31st...four and a half months apart. It would stand to reason that newer technology would be more powerful and again, you cannot compare desktops to laptops. Putting the G5 chip into an iMac wasn't a difficult thing for Apple to do. They might have struggled with putting it into the current, AOI, 2 inch thick design, but they have been working with this chip in desktops for a long time now. Even then, it is twice as wide as a PB, 400% heavier, has multiple fans, and doesn't need to run on batteries.

    3) The currrent iBooks and PB's have many differences... different clock speeds, different FSB speeds, different ram speeds and capacities, different hard drive speeds and storage capacities, very different video cards, different connectivity ports, different screen resolution options, different "nice to have" features like the backlit keyboard, they ship with different software, etc.

    4) Apple usually updates their PB lineup every 6 months or so, but it has been up to 9 months before. So, with that logic, they should be due around November... in a perfect world. Life with Apple's product releases is not perfect, and does not follow a schedule. I personally think we will not see new ones until January, but that is just my opinion. In the meantime, I do NOT see any forseable price drops. Not 4 months after they last were updated, not when they were price dropped then, and not when people are probably buying them up like crazy for back to school.

    We all go nuts trying to decide when and what to purchase... eventually you just need to make up your mind and do it. Wait if you want, or buy now. Truly, those are your only decisions. If you are going to wait, do it until the next release and buy the latest and greatest. If not, buy NOW and enjoy. Every day of undecisiveness, however, costs you another day with your machine if you choose not to wait until the next release.

    I hope this helps. These questions become like broken records after a while. You have the info, now you must make the decision!



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