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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Kamera RAWr, May 31, 2008.

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    Didn't get to finish the thread title before I posted.. (Safety, sights, etc.)

    Well, I've been seriously considering going to Cape Town, South Africa this September/October and would like some advice from those that live in the country or have travelled there :). My trip will be a solo trip seeing as no one I know can afford or wants to go.
    So...first off, safety issues. I'm sure many of us have heard the stories and I am sure many are there for a reason. How safe is Cape Town, the surrounding areas and the Western Cape in general? Would it be fine to rent a car and drive myself around?
    Also I'd like to know which ares of Cape Town are the best to stay in. I hear nice things about Camps Bay, Clifton, etc. Although, they appear to be very expensive. Are they worth the money or are there better places for the money? Where are nice places to stay outside of Cape Town? Perhaps around the wine country or other areas?
    I've read that its not good to flash cameras and such. Being that I love photography, I'm not quite sure how read this. Of course I want to take many beautiful photos, so will be pulling it out as often as the opportunity permits.
    Finally, what are the must see and do things? Table Mountain seems to be up there, from what I've read, but what else?

    Sorry if my post is kinda all over the place. Its kinda hard getting all these questions and thoughts out and in here. I'd really appreciate any helpful advice!

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    I have 2 friends in London, and one of their sisters, who told me that they'd never live in South Africa again. They said that being a tourist wouldn't be bad, though. It's a beautiful country.

    I met another guy in Switzerland (maybe Geneva?) who was from South Africa. He had gotten stabbed on two separate occasions. He didn't do anything wrong, but it happened anyway. But he also said it was probably a stunning place for tourists, and he recommended it highly.

    Good luck with that. :p
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    I've got family in Cape Town and have visited once. I won't lie and say it's completely safe but I didn't feel in danger. Just be careful.

    Obviously you have to do the usual tourist things: Go up table mountain and go to Simonstown to look at the penguins. There's a lot more to do but I was there to visit a dying relative, not be a tourist.

    Go to a couple of bars, but be careful if you think you're going to walk back home. If you don't want to walk, just drink drive, everyone there seemed to. (note: please don't drink drive)

    Don't be put off though, South Africa is a beautiful country.
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    LOL. Yeah, and don't worry about speeding everywhere whilst drunk. If you get pulled over, give the cop a couple of hundred Rand and he'll wave you on :D

    (Don't do that either ;))
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    I wouldn't trip about anywhere in South Africa. Its like any big city, stuff happens but its not particularity dangerous.

    Now, Zimbabwe was scary. You can get your **** killed there - starvation makes people do crazy things.
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    I won't comment because anything I can add is anecdotal and highly subjective. I would strongly suggest though that you read around on official government wesites that regularly do threat assesments for virtually every country. They are factual representations (usually of the situation and the threats posed to travellers.

    A few links to get you started:
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    that's's a thread that's been inactive for over 2 years :p
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    :eek: Well, in my defence, there was a post before mine which has since been deleted which had brought this thread to the top of the list, which is why I didn't notice that it was so dated - I'm not a Thread Necromancer! :eek:
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