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    How are your data speeds? I'm switching from Sprint and looking to go with Verizon. I'm hoping that Verizon's data speeds are better than Sprints.
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    If you want an iPad, Verizon wins.
    If you want an iPhone, AT&T wins.

    As far as the actual speeds on LTE (for iPad) It seems to vary wildly.

    I've run 4 speed tests so far.
    (all speeds are listed as Down / Up)
    My house in Sunny Isles (my neighborhood is a dead zone) - 2 Mbps / 2 Mbps
    Aventura Mall Apple Store on Launch day - 0.2 Mbps / 0.01Mbps
    Intersection of US-1/SR-826 (163rd Street), North Miami Beach - 20Mbps / 15Mbps
    Ft Lauderdale Atlantic Blvd 10Mbps / 5Mbps

    In all cases, I compared to my AT&T iPhone 4S, and Verizon LTE was faster. When I tried switching to Verizon EVDO, speeds were generally really bad, though. For the iPhone, UMTS is just far better technology than EVDO, and AT&T is always going to win.

    I go to coral springs once in a while, but haven't been there yet. According to the Verizon map, coral springs isn't LTE yet -- but I assume you mostly care about LTE when you are out and about -- LTE coverage seems to mostly be from slightly west of the Florida Turnpike to the Atlantic Oceans -- if you're out in the 'glades, or down south in Homestead, don't expect LTE yet.

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