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Jan 18, 2002
Always thought the harmon kardon soundsticks were cool and was going to get them for my new computer but I heard from a guy that they are not that good and he wishes he had gotten the apple pro speakers.

Are the pro speakers good?

Any input would be appreciated.


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Aug 14, 2001
Get the Pro Speakers if you're interested in asthetics, but not for performance. You can do better (and get a subwoofer) for the same ammount of money.


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Jul 7, 2001
I have the soundsticks and they are miles better than the pro speakers and the isub.

BUT!! I wish that I had a SB Live! card and a set of Logitech THX 4.1 surrounds. They really sound great, and are the same price.



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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA
I have the sound sicks and iSub

They are much much better than the Apple pro speakers... plus teh Apple pro speaksers dont work with all Mac's you might want to look into that if your considering them

get the sound sticks un less your looking for something even better. the pro speakers... are not very good


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Nov 28, 2001
down in Fraggle Rock
ok lil off topic but since we are talking about speakers i was wondering if anybody had used the flat panel speakers that attach to the sides of a powerbook. are these things anygood? anyone know of a solution for portable speakers for a powerbook?


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May 9, 2001
Ask and audio engineer (me)

Dude, the only way for you to find out is listening to both systems if you have a chance.

Fore the average consumer, the perception of audio is a very subjective thing.

For example: I have a pair of JBL G3 Eon speakers, those speakers are used for small partys and things like that. Based on my experience and studies, these speakers (the JBL) are very clear, bright and very loyal sound and very high volumes. For me and my friends these speakers are very good... but most of the people used to relate high volume and good sound when the speakers are distortionating. Distortion means high volume, in the culture popular if the speaker sound clear at high volumes that is not good enough. That is why some DJ's (keyboard players) distort the base drums in the songs because that is a type of sound they are used to.

Returning to the topic, the best way you would be satify is you testing the equipment your self. The perception of the sound that I can give you would be very different that my mom can give you. And depends of the kind of music you are listening too.