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    Link: Spend $24.95 on a smartCharge iPod Car Charger and get 50 iTunes songs for free
    Description:: SendStation Systems, creators of popular iPod accessories, has kicked off the final days of its current iTunes promotion with an irresistible offer: Get a smartCharge iPod Car Charger for $24.95 and you will receive 50 free downloads from the iTunes Music Store on top - that’s a $49.50 value for just the iTunes songs alone.

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    Response from sendstation about 50 free itune songs

    I'm shocked over the response I got back from this company. I don't think I was being rude in anyway. I was asking them to inform consumers of expectations should they sell a product.


    First of all congratulations to your son!

    Even if you only used 25 songs it still means you got the product for
    free. I am really surprised: we make an offer to buy our product for
    USD 24,95 + shipping and provide USD 50 in iTunes codes on top for
    free and afterwards we get a complaint regarding the short redemption
    period of the songs. This is really sad to hear.

    Best regards,

    Heather O'Connor

    SendStation Systems
    Berger Str. 102
    60316 Frankfurt/Main email store@sendstation.com
    [Germany] Web www.sendstation.com

    On 05.10.2006, at 02:14, Robert wrote:

    > I'm sure I'm not the only one complaining. I'm sure Apple was the
    > one who put the stipulation in but I didn't get to use 25 of the
    > songs because our son was being born that week. Please let your
    > customers know ahead of time if there is a restriciton before they
    > purchase and are offiered this type of deal..
    > Thanks,
    > Robert

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