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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by ideal.dreams, Apr 24, 2015.

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    Before the inevitable is asked:  Watch Sport, 42mm, space gray, black sport bands. Ordered at 3:04:23 AM EDT on 4/10/15.

    Like many others, I didn't receive my watch today. I was quite certain I'd receive it today since in my mind, I had to have an early place in line having pre-ordered the watch just 4 small minutes after pre-ordering opened. Apparently that was 3 minutes and 30 seconds too long.

    I'm impatient and have always been impatient. Naturally I was quite upset when I didn't receive my watch on launch day, even despite my early pre-order. I grasped at straws all day, hoping it was on a FedEx or UPS truck and Apple's system was just lagging behind, but no such luck. All of the optimistic "theories" were simply not true.

    So I gave Apple a call -- not to complain! They've done nothing wrong. A delivery window was promised between today and May 8th. May 8th isn't here yet. I simply wanted to know why I didn't receive my watch today since I ordered it so early. I spoke to numerous reps with Apple today, several in the sales department and two in customer relations (in addition to sending a kindly worded email to Tim Cook simply to express my disappointment in the lack of communication during this launch). The sales reps were mostly useless. To summarize my chats with them:

    • I was told by each rep that my order was proccessing
    • That my order will be delivered between 4/24 and 5/8
    • That orders are being shipped in the order received

    One of the reps said my order wasn't received by Apple until after 4 AM PDT. No clue what happened there. I ordered through the Apple Store App using Pay.

    I called today and spoke to someone in customer relations. The conversation was kept very friendly, as I said, I was not calling to complain, simply to gather information. I mentioned I was considering buying an  Watch Sport with a different (less popular) colored band to get it to me quicker and asked if I'd be able to exchange the bands later. She said yes, however Apple Retail Stores wouldn't be getting bands until getting watches. And of course, there's no date for the stores to receive watches. That option was dismissed quite quickly. We ended the call with her offering to check with someone in sales to find more information. I was promised a call back in an hour.

    Never did get that call back so I called Apple again and spoke to a gentleman in customer relations and explained the situation. He was very eager to help and offered to follow up with me throughout the ordering process to ensure I receive the watch in a timely manner. He also conferenced in a woman from the sales team who offered me the following information. I have no clue of its truth, so take it with a grain of salt:

    Using Pay to complete the order actually adds to the processing time as there is a third step to charge the card.

    Ironic, isn't it? It took me 15 seconds to press checkout and scan my fingerprint to use Pay and be done with the process and it's potentially the reason my watch is still processing. As I mentioned, there could be no truth to this at all. She said she just found this "fact" out today. She offered to change my payment information to use the same card, but this time not using Pay in the hope that it would speed up my order. Only time will tell at this point.

    Another thing I was told today was pre-signing is not available and UPS has been instructed not to leave the package without a signature due to the popularity and demand of the watches. I also changed my shipping address to my work address. I was ensured that doing this would add no additional time to the receipt of my watch.

    Getting back to the fact that my order wasn't "received" until 4 hours after pre-ordering opened – from what this rep told me today, it's possible that it was delayed because of Pay.

    Just thought I'd share my experience today as I eagerly await my watch...I still have not received any better delivery estimates from Apple, nor has my CC been charged, or my status changed.
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    This makes little sense to me, as I paid with Apple Pay and am wearing my watch now (albeit a different model).
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    I ordered 1 minute after the store opened, and I have to wait till 12th - 26th May, and I didn't use Apple Pay.

    If that makes you feel any better? :)

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