spilled wine on 13" retina MBP. Cleaned internals but doesn't boot. Anything else to try?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by bayleaves, Jan 27, 2017.

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    I spilled red wine on my 13" retina MBP (I believe it's mid 2014 model). Computer froze and I powered it off, then tried to power on later (I know I shouldn't have tried to power it on).
    My husband did a complete dissassembly to clean and dry it out by taking out the logic board. There was surprisingly little wine on the inside. A few spots on the edge of the logic board and maybe one spot on the PCI-e flash memory (on the hidden side).
    He reassembled the computer this morning. It powers on (he gets the chime), backlight works, and the fan spins. Heat sink is warm to touch. Power cord indicates charging. But it doesn't boot.
    So my questions are:
    • What else is there to try before writing it off as a loss?
    • How do we know if the problem is with the logic board or with the PCI-e flash (or both, or something else)?
    • Can we salvage the PCI-e flash or other parts? I.e. can we find an external case and connect it to our other computers using USB?
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    OWC sells replacement macbook pro ssd drives (assuming that is what you meant regarding PCI-e flash) and also sells an external usb-based case to hold the macbook pro internal ssd drive so that you can read/write to it using another computer.

    However, if your ssd was truly bad you should still see the mac boot up and then give an error that it cannot read the ssd. Since you don't mention any type of bootup screen showing up you probably have an issue with the logic board.

    Alternatively, you may have only damaged the keyboard or power button. There are ways to test for this if you, a friend or relative has knowledge in electronics repair.
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    Feb 17, 2016
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    One possible way to test if it is the SSD is to try booting from a flash drive?
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    This afternoon, he pulled the SSD and was able to boot from one of our backups. So glad it wasn't the logic board. Planning to order a new SSD tonight.
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