SPLASHDVD.COM gone bust!!!!

Discussion in 'Community' started by markoibook, Mar 10, 2004.

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    Jan 28, 2004
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    How many other people have been left out of pocket?

    I've literally just discovered that Splashdvd.com have gone bust - which is great since after 3 months of messing around they failed to send my dvd (which was a christmas present), and failed to refund my money.

    Feel free to vent your anger here!
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    Mar 3, 2004
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    Warning - excessive wordage!

    At least they won't be able to inflict their unique blend of retail pain on anyone else!

    I have so much to say about these guys, and none of it is good!

    Ordered a CD/DVD box-set last November, which got it's release date pushed back to later in December than when i ordered it. This they emailed me about. I thought 'fair enough'... (but was still slightly suspicious due to a couple of previous emails before this one that said they were "out of stock but fully expected to ship the order by the end of the week" - despite this being before the original release date, i.e. they shouldn't have had stock then anyway)

    So, get to a few days after the revised December date, and no package in the mail. Thought it was probably delayed by a few days due to the Christmas post issues we normally have here in England...

    Eventually decided to call SplashDVD to find out why I'd not gotten my goods. Spent 30 minutes on a national rate number before i got to speak to a girl who said "oh, the release date has been pushed back again until January". I asked how long after the new release date i could expect the CD/DVD in my letterbox. She said normally 3-4 days. "Normally?" i asked "oh well you are 26th on the waiting list for that products, so we might not have enough stock to fulfil your order straight away" she says :mad: I then say that i ordered in November and ask why they didn't just order enough copies to meet the demand (they had a waiting list after all, so they knew how many copies they needed!).
    Then i moved on the my major issue - why had they not contacted me regarding the new release date in Jan??? She got evasive and made excuses, then became defensive and i decided to hope to get my copy soon :(

    It gets to one week after the new-new-new release date, and after a fourty-five minute wait on hold (oh well, at least they don't loop Enya until you crack and order fifty-five copies of Keynote, a crate of iSights & 70m length of FireWire cable like the Apple Store) I'm told that they are still waiting for stock. (they had managed to send 2 or 3 copies to some customers) I push them for info about my copy... and then they tell me the item has been deleted. WTF? deleted?! :eek: They never told me. :mad: ARGHHHHH.

    I then ask to speak to the customer service manager immediately, but am told that she is training. Told to call back the next day between 10.30 and 11.00 (!? This is a customer service manager who devotes half an hour to be able to help real live customers who are providing her wages!). I dutifully call back at this time, only to be told that she's in a meeting. At this point i flip and get the guy on the other end of the phone to go ask her to come to the phone. She declines to do so. I ask him to go back to her and ask more forcefully. She declines to come to the phone. I then tell him that I have spent £s in call charges, waited ages on hold, had my product pushed back again & again, not been informed of order status, been treated like crap on the phone (at this point the guy starts to have a go at me, the customer) and are too lazy to assist a customer on the phone or via email because they are in meetings. I instruct him to tell her that i demand to talk to her. This finally gets her to speak to me, and to cut a long story slightly less long, after much argument and me telling her that other shops now have stock for 24-hour dispatch, asking why they can't get their act together etc. i get a full refund and, after a lot more prodding, a £7 voucher...

    Oh and to top it all off, despite having ordered in November, still having no merchandise by the end of January, these pirates had taken my money minutes after i placed my order and been making interest on it all that time ("oh but we do state in Ts&Cs that we take money before goods are posted..." - bad customer relationship right there).

    And the only reason i shopped with them was because I'd had a £5 discount coupon at the time i ordered last year! :rolleyes:

    After I'd made sure i had my money refunded (which took them 2 weeks because "it's normally automated - but something's gone wrong") i tried to order elsewhere (Woolworths, but despite them having stock when i called them 5 mins prior to purchase via the web, and having stock showing on the web, neglected to inform me that the product had now been deleted from their catalogue too (it was a limited edition, but if Splash had not messed me around , i could have ordered from Amazon or elsewhere in good time to ensure i got a copy). Called them up to check order status the next morning (was suspicious having been a 'customer' of Splash) and this is when they told me that my order had been cancelled due to the items' deletion. They said they'd emailed me regarding this a few hours after my order (which i disputed) and the call-centre manager was adamant they had emailed me and would not accept the possibility that I'd not received the message, became petulant and hung up on me in mid-sentence.

    Anyway, called the head office, argued my case with another manager (who put more faith in her call-centre staff than a customer who knows when they have not received an email), and eventually got her to send me a £10 voucher by way of incentive to shop there again. Slightly better customer service that SplashDVD - but only just!

    Argghh :mad: :mad:

    Anyway, in case anyone is interested, i eventually did manage to get the CD/DVD i was after - from Tower Records. They took my order politely over the phone, shipped it to me all the way from California, charged me £23 (less than even Splash with voucher and Amazon), and it arrived 3 days later. Wow. Now that's good customer service! :D

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