Split-personality Macs at home in a PC world

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 10, 2008.

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    As an executive in a growing company, we have begun to deploy MacBook Pro's as our platform of choice. While we are still tied to running numerous applications on Windows, we have found that the stability of OS X and the Apple hardware has been great.

    We are using Windows running in VMWare Fusion, and the performance has been amazing.

    We made clean backup's of each VMWare image when they were deployed, and we make weekly back-ups of all machines, and daily back-up of critical machines should we need to restore a machine.

    By keeping only the key business requirements confined to the Windows environment, we have lowered our support cost and increased reliability.

    While this is more of testament to the value of VMWare, this would not have been a project we would have done had it not been for the switch to Mac's.
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    You might want to post that comment in the feedback to the NZ Herald as Macs are still treated with disdain by corporates in NZ.
    Have you seen this article - some interesting apps mentioned.
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    Has anyone ever considered using Cytrix Metaframe or something similar to "publish" Windows specific apps to Mac OS X clients instead of running them locally via virtualization? It just seems that licensing a copy of VMWare Fusion / Parallels and XP/Vista per client might make the costs not seem worth running OS X in the enterprise.
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    My company uses Citrix ICA client to give users access to the T&E system. It's actually pretty decent for the little I use it for (T&E over a not-so-good VPN connection). The latest Mac version is pretty slick, leaps and bounds better than their previous version, which was already tolerable.

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