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Universal Spotify and iTunes in one app - Plum Music Player


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Jun 17, 2016
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Spotify is a great platform, with awesome curated playlists and music discovery algorithms, but I always thought that their mobile app had a pretty, yet not very intuitive interface and that browsing music saved in library seriously sucked (as I’ve seen, it’s not exclusively my opinion)

So I created Plum which offers just that - more organized, familiar interface with enough features to become a serious alternative to the official app. Plum's unique feature set includes:
  • Access to your Spotify and local iTunes music from one app
  • Deep sorting and filtering options
  • Folders for Albums, Artists and Playlists
  • integration
  • Quick access to favourite music
  • Customizable interface: colors, layouts, default tab
  • Lyrics downloaded from web
  • Widget for managing now playing queue
And much more!

User feedback is very important to me as I want to keep developing Plum into an even better app, so please don't hesitate to tell me if there are any things that you think could be improved!

You can download free trial version from the App Store. There are no subscriptions, Plum offers one-time purchase to unlock all premium features forever!

Spotify Premium account is required to play music. Apple Music is not supported

Follow me on Twitter and if you're a Reddit user, please check out our lovely sub at r/plumapp for discussions and newest updates regarding development!
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