Carrier Sprint Advantage plans get iPhone 6 & 6+ (aka killing the Advantage Club)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bflowers, Dec 11, 2014.

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    I've been waiting for the email saying I could upgrade to the 6 or 6+, but today was a real disappointment. Sprint seems to be trying to kill the Advantage Club, or at the very least chase off anyone using the plans.

    Until recently, you paid the subsidized price for your phone, but received a great price on the no contract plan. For me with an iPhone 4S, it was $40+tax/mo. It was a great deal despite the lower network coverage and speeds compared to the other carriers.

    Today, when I went to order my upgrade, my payment options were lease, Easy Pay or pay in full. No more subsidized iPhones for Employees and their families!

    So picking Easy Pay (which the Sprint email said SWAC members have to do), it told me I would need to pick a new plan, then only offered me standard customer plans and not the $40 Advantage plan.

    I guess Sprint doesn't care about keeping the most loyal customers (family members of employees), because for full price, I might as well pick a carrier that doesn't perma-lock their phones.
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    Did you see this?
    It's located here:

    Your employee sponsor has to do the shopping on a special website. Are you the employee sponsor? Did you go to the special site?

    The site also says this:
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    Actually, they are transitioning everyone off Employee Liability.

    You cannot make any new changes to your account prior to converting it off of your employee sponsor.

    I'm going to call the Employee version of Customer Care tomorrow and see what they have to day. I did find a newer Advantage Plan offering than the one I have, and maybe I need to switch to that one first.

    Still, what was once a top notch deal (worth the tradeoff of a weaker network) for friends and family of Sprint Employee is now no better than their common offerings or those offered by TMobile.

    I really just posted to give a heads up to other SWAC members waiting to upgrade.

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