Sprint Embedded LTE SIM cards

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    Verizon, AT&T all use normal SIM cards for accessing the LTE Network (and for Verizon, they even utilize the C-SiM application on the SIM card for the CDMA Network, which is why their LTE phones don't need to be "activated" only the SIM Card needs to be).

    How is Apple going to handle Sprint? They are now the ONLY carrier refusing to get with the times and use a card like the rest of the carriers in the US, because even MetroPCS uses a SIM for LTE.

    For Example: Look at pictures of ALL the US Galaxy S3 phones lined up with all the backs popped off, all of them contain a SIM card with the exception of Sprint....Ahh don't you just love this carrier? So much for Network Vision


    Take a look at the Sprint link above, they have gone as far as embedding the SIM card on world phones, so you are forced to pay Sprint roaming rates!

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