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    How do you guys feel about the Sprint One Up program?

    Charles Z.: Sprint One Up is a new program that provides an affordable way to upgrade your smartphone and tablet more often. Simply purchase an eligible smartphone or tablet, pay a zero down payment based on the device, and pay for your device in 24 monthly installment payments. After 12 consecutive installment payments, you can give back your current device and upgrade to a new smartphone or tablet. The device you give back must be the same or an authorized replacement in good working condition.

    Sprint One Up is available in Sprint stores to new and current customers on 9/20/13. Visit sprint.com/oneup to learn more.
    Charles Z.: Sprint One Up allows you to get a new smartphone every year after making 12 consecutive payments with:
    * Unlimited talk, text and data starting at $65 per month for a limited time.
    * Easy monthly installments.
    * No financing fees.
    * Sprint’s Unlimited Guarantee for life.
    Charles Z.: Smartphone users will receive a $15 monthly service discount off Unlimited, My Way and My All-in plans. The discount will suspend once the device purchased through Sprint One Up is paid in full. There are currently no similar service discounts for tablets.

    If you qualify for the Sprint Discount Program offered to employees, students and members of participating businesses and schools, you can benefit from additional monthly service discounts. Visit sprint.com/verify to check your eligibility.
    Charles Z.: We are not currently able to offer Sprint One Up in Florida or Washington D.C because of a licensing delay. Sprint is working hard to bring this new upgrade program to you soon. I recommend you chat back periodically to find out if the service becomes available.
    Charles Z.: As a current Sprint customer, you can enjoy the benefits of Sprint One Up if:
    * You meet our qualifying credit criteria.
    * It’s been at least 12-months since you last qualified for a phone activation or upgrade.
    - - If you’re ineligible for an upgrade today, you must give back your current phone in good working condition at time of purchase.
    - - If you’re upgrade-eligible today, you won’t have to give back your current device in order to participate.

    Sprint One Up is available to new customers with qualifying credit. Learn more at sprint.com/oneup.
    Charles Z.: When you give back a device as part of your participation in Sprint One Up, it must:
    * Power on normally
    * Be free of broken, cracked or missing pieces.
    Charles Z.: Participation in the Sprint One Up program requires the purchase of a smartphone or tablet.

    The following devices are not eligible for Sprint One Up at this time:
    * Basic phones.
    * Mobile hotspots and other mobile broadband devices.
    * Sprint Phone Connect.
    * 4G WiMAX devices.
    Charles Z.: As part of your participation in Sprint One Up program, you will pay for your device in monthly installments over 24 months. You’ll be subject to the terms of the selected service and be required to sign a month-to-month Service Agreement. You will not be subject to a plan term agreement.

    With qualifying credit, you can have up to three Installment Agreements on an account.
    Charles Z.: If you cancel service prior to completing your 24 device installment payments, the remaining unpaid balance on the device will be due on your next invoice.
    Charles Z.: You can purchase your Sprint One Up smartphone or tablet in any Sprint company-owned store. Please visit sprint.com/oneup to locate a participating store near you.
    Charles Z.: You’ll be required to pay all applicable sales tax against the Suggested Retail Price (SRP). Please visit a Sprint company-owned for specific smartphone or tablet pricing.
    Charles Z.: If you want to reduce the balance you owe on your device faster, you can pay more than your scheduled monthly Installment agreement.
    Charles Z.: Standard activation and upgrades apply to smartphones purchased through Sprint One Up. There are no activation or upgrade fees for tablets.
    Charles Z.: As part of Sprint One Up, enrollment in an equipment protection plan is optional but we encourage you to enroll to protect your investment. You are responsible if your device breaks during the Installment Agreement; you’ll remain responsible for the unpaid balance regardless of the operability of your device.
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    How new is this program? I just first heard about it today.

    Sprint's plans on their site aren't very detailed, although I know there's not many different options to choose from. From what I understand, your plan will be $65/month and on top of that you'll pay 1/24th of the full price of your phone? Seems like it's at least discounted to take the subsidy off unlike AT&T and I think Verizon's yearly upgrade plan. If I lived in an area better covered by Sprint I may really consider that.
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    The Sprint One Up program is a few weeks old.

    Some notes.

    In order to be on this plan you HAVE to have the Unlimited My Way or All In plans. You CANNOT have the old (and now no longer available) Everything Data plans and also have the One Up thing.

    Since the old ED plans are LESS expensive for fewer lines then the newer plans you may want to seriously consider One Up before going to the new plans. If you are a new customer or have upgraded to the new plans, you cannot get on or back to the old ED plans now anyway so this won't be an issue.

    Also, there is some discussion in the SprintUsers forums about where Sprint applies taxes on the product. It seems to be dependent on the retailer.

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