Sprint Pre-order Nightmare

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by meisjen26, Sep 14, 2012.

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    Sep 14, 2012
    I just need to make this thread to vent..I'm beyond upset with Sprint and I'm not even a customer.

    So I pre-order the iPhone 5 earlier today when I woke up around 5am eastern time. Order was processed and the full amount was charged and pending to my account. I see an email today around 4pm saying my order was cancelled. No idea why.

    My order was cancelled because apparently I owe $14.50 to Sprint from a wirefly account I signed up for four years ago. I cancelled that account 15 days after I got it to jump on my current family plan with ATT. I have no idea where the $14.50 came from..I don't know if that was from talk time for the 15 days or what..but obviously it wasn't a delinquent account that went to a collections agency or something like that.

    I tell them to just pay it and reverse my order if they can...I didn't care what it was for ...I just wanted the cancellation reversed...of course they said they could and transferred me to "Financial Solutions" which is just the collections team...I paid her..and of course she had nothing to do with reversing an order. She placed me on hold and told me that the order would recognize my payment and go through later...a blatant lie...gave me a number to double check what she told me was true...she gave me a bogus business number:mad:

    So I call back and they tell me the order can't be reversed..and that I had to wait 3 days to get my money back. I ask to speak to a manager (which is always pointless) and he told me that he would "escalate" the issue and have my money back in 24-48hours. I ask if it counts the weekend, he said just business days. So essentially he's not doing anything for me. I worked for Bofa a while back... I know it takes three business days for refunded money.

    Honestly, I could care less if I get the iPhone on the 21st now..I just want my money back. Sprint will never see my business. I hate to see my money tied up like that and over $14.50 cents? They could have called me and told me that...or made an effort to reach out before cancelling

    </vent> I needed that... advice for the day..always double check a company you have had business with..even for 2 cents.
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    Jun 1, 2011
    Sounds like you shouldn't try to do business with them in the future.
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