SSD Whats in a name?


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Aug 10, 2009
Southern Illinois

Ive been looking about and watching reviews etc and i think i am going for the Samsung 830
I am in the same way! OLD SCHOOL and never have considered a SSD but these folks have convinced me if I am gunna put up the MONEY for a new MACPRO that its heretical to NOT get a SSD.

I am loyal to OWC but its seems to be 50-50 on that buy. Some say the SANDFORCE controller is CRAP on the OWC other say its no different than others.

BUT I have not gotten anything but glowing reviews on the SAMSUNG. PLUS its about the same iof not a little cheaper than the OWC 6G


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Dec 17, 2009
As someone with multiple Sandforce drives, I think they get a bad wrap in reliability. With that said, if I were in the market for an SSD right now it would be a Samsung 830.