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Dec 8, 2006
Stacks are a nice feature of the new os. But couple of things. I noticed pics and pdfs for example stack together nicely. Right on top of each other. Like a deck of cards when delt. But folders don't stack. They only arrange in some order ( not sure ). But folders don't stack. The line up one after the other in a row top to bottom. But they do not stack. Also if I say use stacks they auto line up to the right of my screen and stay there (2014 Mac mini 2.6 8gb ram). I cannot move them anywhere else. Like keep some on the right r some on the left. Or just drag them to any spot on the screen. Stacks are nice but the whole point is to organize them how I want. Not just random order on the right side of my screen. I need to be able to move them. Maybe in future updates.
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Oct 16, 2014
I don't think it will be changed. Stacks on the desktop works by having the automatic arranging feature turned on. You can use stacks without it.

So the behavior is normal.

The stacks are created by date. So the folders are arranged by date created. If you wish to change that, click an empty space on the desktop, then hold down CMD and hit J.

In the menu "Sort by" you can choose name or something else that fits your preference.
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Apr 27, 2003
Apple typically doesn't reverse course on things like this. They've made Stacks as "basic" as possible while still keeping it useful. I don't see them complicating it by adding the customization capabilities you're talking about.
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