Star Wars BattleFront 2 w00t 1!1!

Discussion in 'Games' started by saunders45, Apr 21, 2005.

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    'Battlefront 2's gameplay modes will feature some fan-requested tweaks, as well as offer a deeper, more narrative-focused single-player campaign. Furthermore, it will add to the already robust online multiplayer mode of its predecessor. The single-player game will offer open-ended mission-based objectives that will obviously owe a thing or two to the six Star Wars films. The game will have a broader feel thanks to the different approach Pandemic is taking toward the planets you'll fight on. Whereas the planets in the first game had multiple maps set on different parts of the world, Battlefront 2's 12 planets will only offer one map each, providing more variety overall. Expect to see some planets taken from Episode III, such as the crater world of Utapau (General Grievous' hideout) and the volcanic lava world of Mustafar (where Anakin gets the skin peel of a lifetime).

    As you'd hope, the classic series will also be mined for some new locales. The interior of the Death Star and Princess Leia's blockade runner (as seen in the classic opening moments of A New Hope) will provide unique new environments to fight in. These new locations also hint at one of the biggest new additions to the Battlefront experience: space combat. This oh-so-cool addition to combat showed very well during our demo, despite its work-in-progress condition. The level we saw was set in the interior of a blockade runner, and it initially appeared to be following the standard Battlefront formula. However, when the troops reached the ship's hangar--which housed a TIE fighter, a TIE Interceptor, a TIE bomber, and an X-Wing fighter--the soldiers each hopped into the nearest ship and took it outside to join the fray going on between the capital ships."
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    The space combat sounds awesome! I enjoyed the first Battlefront, would be nice to see if they improved the graphics in this one, since the graphics in the first, while adequate, is a bit lacking.
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    Yeah, the graphics were kind bland. Rare lighting bloom effects, other than that, it looked like a typical PS2 Xbox. But, it's all about gameplay. I still play it every now and then when I doing laundry or such, just quick frag fests.
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    Starwars Battlefront was a pretty good game. I had a blast when I first played it. I was dissapointed when I played it for the second time, but now I want to play it again, and Blockbuster doesn't even carry it.

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