Star Wars Galaxies on MacBook/Mini

Discussion in 'Games' started by cdpilkington, May 21, 2006.

  1. cdpilkington macrumors member

    Apr 12, 2006
    Is anyone able to give a review on Star wars galaxies performance on either of these systems? Any configuration would be alright really, though I'm planning on a 2.0Ghz MacBook with full 2Gb RAM.
    I know that there's bottleneck in this game from all three sources, CPU, RAM and VRAM. I'm just hoping that a good processor & RAM will make up for the weak graphics card.
    There's a 10 day trial of it for download from here, if any kind soul is able to help try :)
    I'm not after detailed benchmarks, just a quick summary, like average fps with all graphics options on min would be more than enough.
  2. CubeHacker macrumors 65816


    Apr 22, 2003
    It ran just fine on my Radeon 9800Pro, so it should run just as good on a MBP. Just make sure to turn off the shadows - they don't look very good and totally kill performance.
  3. Pittpossum macrumors newbie

    Jun 4, 2006
    Hamburg, Germany
    Hi all!

    I visited this thread from time to time, hoping to get an answer on the same question :D SWG is the last game I play so I could switch completly from PC to Mac if it would run.
    Since I havent found any performance test of the mac book or mac mini on SWG I had to compare some benchmarks and get helpful information elsewhere.
    This is a small summary of what I found. I hope it helps a little bit :)

    Please dont mind my spelling mistakes I didnt need to write in english for a (too) long time.

    First and biggest problem the graphic card doesnt support hardware t&l but its necessary for SWG and the game checks it before starting.
    I tried to run swg on a laptop without hw t&l and swg didnt wanted to start :(

    On the other hand intel keeps SWG on the supportet game list for the GMA 950 so maybe it runs nevertheless. (AARRGHHH I dont want to rely on that is there any proof?)

    Second problem
    is the weak 3D performance of the GMA 950
    I read in different german SWG-forums, that especially for SWG the CPU- and the RAM-performance is more important than GPU-performance. I doubt it, but even if for SWG the GPU performance wouldnt be as important as p.e. in DOOM3 it wouldt be a big advantage for buying the macbook (if SWG is the most hardware hungry game you intend to play on the macbook).

    I played SWG once on an Athlon 1800+ with an GeForce GTS wich is on most benchmarks weaker than a GMA 950 (even with dedicated Ram) and it did run. It didnt look good but I dont want SWG to look good on the Macbook I just want it to run playable.
    A friend of mine installed SWG on his Work-Laptop (HP Nx-Somewhat with intel pentium 1,8Ghz and Ati M6 graphics) although M6 dont support hw t&l (please correct me if i am wrong) it works (but it sucks thanks to 256mb ram).

    So theres hope, but i still dont dare to buy a MacBook untill I find somewhere a report how SWG runs on it or Rev B. comes with an g965 chip.

    Your config with 2,0 Ghz. and 2 Gb Ram is also what I would buy but I guess I would try to change the Harddisc to a faster modell if I can exclude heating problems.

  4. cdpilkington thread starter macrumors member

    Apr 12, 2006
    Not sure if anyones still following this thred, but I just found what migt be a workable way to force the game to run without t&l on the SWG forums.
    Text copied here: The tester stated they did this on an "onboard intel", didn't see anything specific about the model though.

    so i cant play without a new vid card right? maybe not .. the prob is with tnl blah blah blah... possible solution...

    USE AT UR OWN RISK .. so far it works for me.. we shall see when the servers get up if indeed it does...

    download a proggy called 3danalyze v2.1 ... now what usually gets me.. is how the heck do i use this.. as i am almost still new... and im really rather smart and a bit matured ... well anyway i figgered it out and ill try to help you also...

    1. get 3danalyze ( no www. posting) so ya have to be resourceful hint: itll be german/english
    2. open: i GAMBLED that it would not be virus ridden.. but im a gambler...USE AT UR OWN RISK
    3. read and stuff like that if ya like .. i had to .. i also had to experiment
    4. heres the gist.. it fools ur blah blah blah into thinking ur card has all it needs to run the proggy
    5. with analyze3d program interface a. note the numbers on the left .. they there for a reason
    b. start with #3 here find sony/station/launchpad.exe
    c. 2nd- go to #1 here find starwarsgalaxies/client.exe
    d. 3rd- leave #2 unaltered
    e. look to right and select force sw-tnl ( maybe unecessary)
    f. look farther to the right and select emulate tnl ( definatley necessary)
    g. walla ... go to #4 and hit run.. if ur lucky like me.. ur smiling now...
    however ... this i learned after.. once uve mastered this little feat ... you will need to start ur proggy normally ... i.e. hit the icon on desktop to load sony launch for scan and crap .. or better yet maybe not... as it sent me strait to the game.. and asked me for password at end of intro footage

    but if ya do the icon thingy .. then you will need to repeat the steps above...
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    Jan 13, 2005
    Between cats, dogs and wanderlust.
    Yes, cdpilkington, that's the method I used to use on one of my laptops when I was trying FFXI and a few other games a few years back. The only problem is that the performance just isn't what it could be -- it runs fairly decently, but some effects are really not there.

    Though I cannot speak on the performance of SWG as, like I said, this was a few years ago on an integrated S3 laptop video card. That procedure does work, however, to get around T&L problems. I have no interest in SWG, nor did I purchase my MacBook to play games, but I am interested to know how it performs so I am downloading the 10-day trial to find out.

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