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    I replied to another thread with this, but felt it deserved its own topic


    Stars are for your own personal ranking system to keep your list in some sort of order.

    It really only offers relative rankings of songs within your list.

    The system that is currently in place is there after deciding to reject a global ranking system. There is very little absolute Good or Bad in music... since musical tastes vary so much.

    As a result, we went with a songs you recommend to others vs not. And of the songs you recommend, you can order them in any order you'd like.

    As you can see Ice Ice Baby is a #2 ranking on my list... I like the song and do think other people would like it... but I certainly don't necessarily want my musical tastes to be defined by that song to a casual browser of my list. The list is automatically ordered from top-to-bottom by stars. If you want to see your list how others see it... log out of DailyTunes and view your list.

    Does that make sense? Do you feel it could be improved?

    As people's lists get larger, there will have to be subgrouping of your own lists... perhaps into user defined subgroups or sublistings. It will have to be done in an easy/user friendly way, and also needs to be obvious for the casual observer.

    There's a lot more potential features coming... but I wanted to go slow since it's hard to tell how things will be used until actually implemented.

    I really like the potential for browsing songs by clicking on one, seeing recs for related songs etc....

    I am very open to more ideas, changes to current ideas. It's a work in progress.


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