Stay Classy Fox Sports! Fox Sports Slams New Orleans.

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by macfan881, May 20, 2010.

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    Feb 22, 2006
    Another Reason besides Joe Buck why i im disgusted by them

    From Monday's edition of The Dan Patrick Show:

    It's a great country here. We have disasters issues when people pull together and help themselves and I thought the people in Tennessee, unlike -- I'm not going to name names -- when a natural disaster hits people weren't standing on a rooftop trying to blame the government, okay. They helped each other out through this.

    And Mike Helton, president of NASCAR, Tony Stewart, among some drivers went from the race over to the middle Tennessee area where still a lot of hardworking, tax-paying, legal American citizens have been affected by the floods and are trying to rebuild their lives and they are helping out. And I think that other people around the country, of course the music industry in and around Nashville helping, without making a big deal out of it and I think that's a good thing.
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    Mar 22, 2010
    As both a sports fan and a political fan, I know that it rarely works out to combine the two.

    Sports commentators are blessed with gold tongues... apparently at the expense of their gray matter.

    What an idiotic thing to say!

    Stay classy, indeed.
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    Mar 22, 2010
    On a related note...

    I didn't mind when the Phoenix Suns wore the jerseys in support of hispanics, but that's because I agreed with their politics. If they wore "Choose LIfe" jerseys during a national debate on abortion I wouldn't think so positively about it.

    Professional sports, especially when it comes to selling team merchandise is about attracting as wide a fan base as possible. Dabbling in politics won't help that cause. So while I may agree with the sentiment behind "Los Suns" I don't think it's an example that should be followed.

    In athletics it's best to keep your eye on the ball and leave politics out of the arena.
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    Besides it should have been 'los sols'.
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    OBJECTIVE reality
    Yeah, really. All those poor people (as in "not rich") in New Orleans shoulda gotten out their boats and their helicopters and started rescuing people. It's not like we pay some kind of agency to do this sort of thing.....

    Oh, wait........
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    I think the political grandstanding after Katrina hit New Orleans upset quite a lot of people. The pictures of a couple of hundred school buses that could have been used to evacuate people out of New Orleans sitting in a flooded lot didn't help things, either.

    Small wonder why in 2010, if there's a hurricane that threatens anywhere along the US Gulf Coast everyone is packing and leaving in really short order.
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