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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Gaprofitt, Sep 12, 2013.

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    I am in Metro Atlanta, I have an Iphone5. My contract to cancel is $125 and I am eligible for an upgrade. I am guessing on 9/20 the upgrade price would be the same as a new contract and it would just extend my contract another two years correct? The upgrade fee is $30. Is this correct? So I'm looking at upgrading to the Iphone 5S 64 bit which I'm thinking will be $399 plus the $30 fee. I am able to expense $100 a month for my cellphone bill. Currently with Verizon I have about a year left on my contract and my bill is about $110 a month with unlimited calling and 2GB of data. Personally I think this is a little steep and would rather have more data for less than or around $100 a month. Would you stick with Verizon or cancel, pay the term fee and just do a contract elsewhere for a better plan? What are Sprint and T-Mobile offering these days? I'm not crazy about paying $800 for the phone to be honest but I do plan on selling my Iphone5 on Ebay.


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    Why not remain until the contract expires and then pick the carrier that provides the best coverage at a cost you're willing to pay.

    I don't recommend canceling just to move on to a different carrier, the ETF makes it an expensive prospect.
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    You can always go with a prepaid plan. Verizon prepaid is offering unlimited talk and text and 4gb for $70.

    I am on the opposite side I am looking to switch from sprint to verizon or att. I also have an iphone 5 and 12 months left in my contract.

    I am
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    I'd use whatever carrier has the best coverage where I need it most. That said, you need to shop using your specific needs/wants rather than just polling people with differing needs/wants.

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