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Feb 28, 2003
I was surfing over to the website today and noticed that Steve Jobs was not on the list of Directors. Now I have great faith in Bluetooth. I think that connectivity in the home could be dramatically increased if there would be a large industry wide deployment of the technology. That being said, Apple is leading the way in personal computers taking advantage of the technology. Apple is the one of the major companies really creating massive hype about it. Now I would think that if Apple wants to have some say in the direction Bluetooth is heading, they would really push for someone to represent Apple on the Bluetooth Board of Directors. It doesnt eve have to be Steve Jobs; just as long as there is some Apple representation on the Board.

Lets get this discussion going.

Why isnt there anyone on the board?
Do you think Apple has an intrest being there?
Microsoft is on the Board. Do you think they are keeing Apple off it?

Just my thoughts.


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Jan 22, 2003
In your head.
Easy now on the conspiracy theories. USB was and is important, and I didn’t see Steve Jobs on’s board- but maybe I missed something.
The purpose of being a prominent/show board member of any company, consortium, SIG (special interest group) or NPO that sets technology standards is quite often to help jumpstart the technology and to get it associated with other companies, rather than to help steer a technology twords ones own bennifit. The boards purpose it to help keep the driving goals in mind, bring money in, and to make connections. I don’t think that having Apple present on the board would liberate any new technologies for Apple, nor would it give any greater access to information about the BlueTooth protocols. Apple has openly adopted BlueTooth as one of its standard IO formats, and it looks as though all of Apples hardware product lines will use the technology.

How Bluetooth Works

Links to the core specs.
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