Steve Jobs says "No" to iPhone tethering on the iPad

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 6, 2010.

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    Just because Jobs says that, doesn't mean it's not going to happen. *ahem* iPhone dev team *ahem*
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    Yeah it is strange that people who pay a monthly fee for 3G internet access on their iPhone should also pay for it a second time on their 3G iPad... I mean I would never do that, but I doubt Apple's plan is that those who already own an iPhone should only buy a WiFi only iPad. It would be stupid if you had your iPad with you all the time, and most of the time you could only use your iPhone to browse the net.

    Though I think tethering from the iPhone to the iPad would be absurd, I find it strange that there is no solution for people who would own both (I mean the 3G iPad).

    My guess is that if you already have an iPhone, you shouldn't get an iPad, since you already have the net with you all the time. That's a lot of gadgets anyway!

    I don't really see the point in a WiFi only iPad anyway. I mean who would use their iPad at home, when they have a full featured computer. Anywhere else, you won't get free WiFi that's for sure, unless some super weak signal from a guy who accidentally didn't put a password on his home WiFi. The point of it is to have the net with you all the time.
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    Not strange at all, and it has nothing to do with Apple. All cellular carriers I know of in the US charge you totally separate data plans for your laptop, your netbook and/or tethering your cell to your laptop*. Does it suck? Sure it does, but that's they way it's done, and the iPad is no different in their eyes.

    While the iPad uses a micro-sim, it's the exact same as a regular sim, just trimmed down to a smaller form factor. Enterprising individuals may/should be able to careful cut down their iPhone sim in such a way that they can use it in their iPhone (with filler) and in the iPad**. There's no reason I can think of (other than the different form factor) why you shouldn't be able move your sim between both devices. Not ideal, but cheaper!

    I would. I already do a lot of surfing at home on my iPhone, despite having a perfectly good MacBook at my disposal. For 95% of the surfing/reading I do, I find the multi-touch interface MUCH more intuitive. A larger screen would be nice, but not too large so as to be unwieldy. I think the iPad fits that bill perfectly.

    Plus, don't forget about mom/grandma who doesn't have a computer and doesn't know how to work them. The iPad will be much more intuitive and a GREAT way (and cheaper than a[n Apple] laptop) for them to get online. So there ya go -- that's the markets for the WiFi only iPad.

    * Yes, on some phones you can do it yourself for free, but if the carrier finds out they won't be happy with you...
    ** Again, your carrier will likely get mad at you if they catch you. But if you only do it occasionally you should be safe...
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    Many will use the ipad at home. that way the don;t have to pay for any service except basic internet like Comcast.
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    Yeah, it depends ....

    I keep hoping AT&T will come to their senses with this, and realize that iPhone users under contract are very unlikely to pay a second time for a data plan for an iPad, with the current rate structure.

    What I could see working is offering an option to roll an iPad 3G into an existing iPhone contract, so you pay more per month for the iPhone, but not very much more. I know I'd be fine with this, if it was, say, an additional $5 per month to add an iPad to my iPhone plan, BUT the "catch" was that I'd be locked into paying that $5 per month for as long as my iPhone was still under contract. Maybe they'd even figure out a way to do a restriction where you were physically blocked from using data on both devices simultaneously, in this arrangement? I could live with that too, if AT&T felt it necessary to be able to cost-justify the cheap plan upgrade.

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    iPhone to iPad Tethering using NetShare?

    I know Steve Jobs stated there will be no iPhone to iPad tethering, but I was one of the lucky ones to purchase NetShare off the App Store before it was yanked. It works great with my laptop. Does anything think NetShare will work with iPhone to iPad tethering?

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