Steve Jobs sez: order Christmas iPods now

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. MacBytes macrumors bot

    Jul 5, 2003
  2. TwitchOSX macrumors 6502

    May 2, 2002
    Southern Oregon
    No Damnit!

    I wont have enough money to get my christmas iPod until our company's christmas party where I will get my yearly bonus! ARGH.. they better not be out. I want to be using my iPod running around with an iTrip attached to it on or before Christmas day!
  3. nagromme macrumors G5


    May 2, 2002
    Hmmm... trying to take a really good year and make it better?

    Then again, Apple seldom OVERestimates demand on a popular product.

    If you believe some rumors, there will be new 60 GB and flash iPods by Christmas too...

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