Steve Jobs' Video Dreams

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 11, 2008.

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    I'm gonna be so ticked off it turns out they make the :apple:TV capable of replacing my USB TV tuner! I just got it for Christmas! Don't tell me Apple's finally going to release their own just 3 weeks after I got mine!

    I wonder if I'll be able to return it and buy an Apple TV is they do...

    Here's what would be really sweet IMO.

    Apple TV can stream stuff wirelessly to up to 5 computers/TVs in the house.

    It has multiple tuners on it... at least 2 but maybe more so that you could hook up say 3 computers and 2 TVs to it and each one watch their own channel.

    It can play Blue-Ray or HD DVD... and normal DVD.

    You can hook up game counsols?

    Oh, right, lol, the news article never said anything along the lines it's able to do all this. Still, if they did... I'd probably return the tuner I got and buy one of these... oh, and drop Comcast? I guess I'd keep Comcast so I could keep all my channels.

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