Sticky 4S screen and back? Anyone else?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by rkeato1, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. rkeato1, Nov 12, 2011
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    Oct 15, 2011
    1.) I wash my hands, frequently and thoroughly.
    2.) I've never used an iPhone without an Anti-Glare screen protector or a case
    3.) I wipe my phone down daily

    Alright, so the first few days of use with my phone were touch-bliss: smooth screen, no dragging or finger smudging grippiness. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to go naked, caseless and screen protector-less.

    But after using the 4S for a few days I noticed the screen was becoming sticky. I washed my hands thoroughly and used iKlear on the phone with a microfiber cloth, but the feeling returned a few minutes into use. Then I noticed my fingers on both hands began to feel perpetually sticky... Like a mild sappy feeling that doesn't go away after washing. The screen also smudges very easily... Is this normal?

    I used a PowerSupport anti-glare screen protector on my 3GS so I'm not sure of this is just what happens with a bare screen. I've been refraining from using one on the 4S because of the retina display.

    Anybody else experiencing this? Thanks for reading.
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    How very odd.

    I haven't had this myself, on any of my devices, so i'm not sure what to suggest. Is it possible for some sort of oil or grease to be on there?

    After a good scrub with iKlear and a cloth, it should be fine.

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