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Jul 28, 2007
Yeah just spoke to my close cousin down in Miami. Was wondering why she wasn't responding to any of my texts or calls this past memorial day weekend.

Turns out she had lost her iPhone 4S at the hotel lobby in Las Vegas this past Sunday night (Memorial weekend). The phone was dead so she couldn't track it down. She had hotel security check cameras for her. They called her and said they found an iphone 4S (in pink otterbox case). She came back to the hotel security but said it wasn't hers.

Anyways she had gotten back to Miami on Monday thinking her phone was lost/stolen and feeling bummed about it.

Just by chance, she decided to log into find my iPhone and noticed the iPhone was now showing being located in Los Alimitos, California (Los Angeles suburb). She texts the number from her husband's phone and someone responded.

It turns out another woman had accidentally taken my cousin's phone. Woman had her iphone 4s in her own handbag. She apparently was drunk (seems like half the people in Vegas are drunk on the weekends anyways) and took my cousins phone by mistake when she saw it on the ground next to the couch at the hotel lobby. She had the same pink
otterbox case and thought it was hers until she got back to California and realize not only did she still have her iphone but also had another iphone in her handbag.

Cut to the chase. Woman felt bad about taking my cousin's iphone by mistake. Woman offered to ship back to my cousins FedEx. My cousin was so grateful. She gave the woman $100 for reward along with the $25 FedEx shipping overnight. The woman didn't even want any money but my cousin is a very generous person and was very grateful to get her phone back.

So there are honest people in the world after all and that pink otterbox iphone cases are very popular!


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Sep 13, 2011
All of our company iPhones have a lock screen password. They also have contact information on the lock screen picture by company policy. Two have been lost and returned because the people who found them were able to email the owner that they found their lost phone....

I think there are more honest people out there than many want to admit, when given the chance to do the right thing.

I highly advise everyone who locks their phone to include contact info on their lock screen pic.
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