Still trying to get used to iPad utility in my daily life

Discussion in 'iPad' started by wnxgenral, Apr 26, 2010.

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    Now this is definetley not one of those negative posts about the ipad or anything like that. Frankly I love my iPad and everything about it. The reason i am writing this is because today I had a very busy day with meetings, classes, a huge benefit auction i had to run and some basic studying. This morning I descided to grab my MacBook pro and carry it with me all day Instead of my iPad. I guess I just didn't trust it to get done all my computing needs on such an important day. The problem is that I WANTED to take it, I just didn't feel secure. Anyone else have some of the same issues? What are your solutions?

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    You know your own needs better than anyone, but according to your post, going to meetings, classes etc it sounds like you may use your MBP or iPad as an 'input' device, such as taking notes, replying to emails etc ... for those type of tasks the iPad is no match. Why? Because it takes longer to do everything when it comes to writing or creating content.

    For checking emails, reading, entertainment sure, but for people who work from their computers the iPad is not a laptop replacement. Then I hear of people now bringing their iPads along with their laptops, now you've added 1.5 lbs of weight carrying another device. Makes no sense to me, when you have a physical keyboard, larger screen, more power, can view flash, type fast etc ... leave the iPad out of the picture.

    I tried my iPad for a few days as well, it will be a LONG time before it ever replaces my notebooks ... for now my MacBook Air is my iPad/Notebook, other than the 10 hours of battery life the iPad offers for me the Air wins in every other regard.

    It's amounted to a cool coffee table computer or a take to bed computer for us.
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    The iPad is a laptop replace for me for note taking/ producyivity

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