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Apr 12, 2001

Stockholm's newly elected city council has promised that plans will not proceed for a flagship Apple Store bordering Kungsträdgården, a public park in the city center, according to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

A render of Apple Kungsträdgården by Foster + Partners

While the previous city council had approved the plans, the proposed store received some pushback from local residents, as the Kungsträdgården is a popular gathering space with concerts, events, and other activities. The new city council assured those residents that the store will not be built at a press conference today.

Earlier this year, Stockholm residents were invited to share their opinions about the proposed store during a consultation period, according to The Local. Swedish blog Teknikveckan's Peter Esse told MacRumors the city received nearly 1,800 comments about the plans, many containing negative feedback.

According to The Local, critics said the store would block the entrance to the north side of the park and change the environment from an open-air space for public use to a commercialized one. A TGI Fridays restaurant is already located on the spot, but the Apple Store was expected to be larger.

Apple had planned to host its own events and performances in the park, as part of its goal of having its stores double as "town squares."

Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts confirmed the company's plans to open a store in Stockholm in February 2016, in a statement provided to Swedish newspaper Expressen. That report said Apple hoped to open the store within two years, but construction never began due to a series of roadblocks and delays.

A model of Apple Kungsträdgården

Renders of the store released by Apple and architecture firm Foster + Partners indicated that it would be situated on the north side of the park, taking over the location of a TGI Fridays restaurant. The store's design would resemble the Apple Park Visitor Center and Apple Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

It's unclear if Apple will accept the decision or try to push forward with its plans, as it has with its proposed store at Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia. Apple did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

Article Link: Stockholm's New City Council Opposes Planned Apple Store at Kungsträdgården
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Apr 25, 2008
TGI Fridays is, after all, far more aesthetically pleasing, not to mention the peaceful smell of fried food.

Grey Area

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Jan 14, 2008
As a Swede (not living in Stockholm), I think that it would be nice with an Apple Flagship Store i Stockholm. A nice tourist attraction of sorts. Too bad.
There is the one in the Täby Center mall, a sufficiently affluent location, I would think. Though I can also see how it might not be entirely satisfactory (to Apple), as it is a bit remote with no subway going there.

So yeah, Kungsträdgården would be as central as it gets, but I can see how the residents do not like it. It makes it look like the park is just there to house the Apple store.

Maybe Apple can talk the King into letting them rent a wing of the royal palace. ;)


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Jan 14, 2013
I’d probably side with the Swedish residents if it weren’t for the fact that a TGIF is already in that spot. A TGIF?! LOL. You can’t tell me an Apple store would be less aesthetically pleasing than a TGIF! Bwa-ha-ha!
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Mar 18, 2008
It doesn't seem like the Apple store fits easily into the surrounding environment. The boxy shape completely overpowers the public park and hence, I would tend to agree with the city's decision. Still, there could be less intrusive designs such as a frosted-glass-roofed underground store. Once the TGIF is removed, the square will have additional floor space which should be kept as open and accessible. An unobtrusive yet straightforward access to the Apple store below the square could be a way to satisfy both parties.
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Apr 26, 2017
If I would still live in Stockholm, I wouldn’t like Apple to ’destroy’ Kungsan either.
Apple stores are nice But not that nice for a park.
Find another place in Sthlm Apple.

And you could find a place in Gothenburg too, we have none down here. Still we are Swedish 2nd biggest city. They even have 2 around Malmö which is the 3rd.
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