stolen/lost o2 iphone. Any way to lock personal data (contacts/pics/etc) or get subs


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Jun 2, 2008
Someone i know has had their iphone stolen/lost. Apart from calling o2 to block the phone, is there any way to lock someone out of personal data? (photos/contacts/etc)

No, they don't have mobileme...but will be getting it after this!

2ndly, will o2 provide a cheaper subsidized phone for those who have lost their iphone?


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Apr 27, 2007
Bristol, England
depends, if the phone was setup to use gmail push contacts/email etc, then you could (backup first) delete all your contacts, which will delete them from the phone, then change the gmail password and restore your contacts. Changing the password will then stop email access but the emails already downloaded to the phone may well remain, maybe archive them all so they're not in the inbox to clear them off the phone.

everything else on the phone is there to stay :( change passwords wherever needed.

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