Stormtrooper action with my new SG series 1 with white band.

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by vanimal, Sep 20, 2016.

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    I picked up a series 1 SG from Best Buy. Now I'm normally a black t shirt and jeans or black wordrobe guy. But I felt the SG with black band is common in the Apple Watch world. And the stealth look is wearing on me at least because I've been doing it for so long. So I "was" going to give in and get the silver aluminum with the white band but those weren't in stock in my area.

    I figured the white band would look awesome on the SG and it does! I'm sure I'm not the first to do so, but this is a awesome combo! Icing on the cake is i recently picked up a white silicone case for my iPhone which has the same storm trooper effect. Although I prefer my clothes dark I think this will be a nice change & a nice compliment to my darker style normal wardrobe. Not sure if I will use the black band, maybe at the gym so my white won't get dirty fast. But I've read they hold up well.

    It's refreshing since I would normally have a black phone and case & a all black Apple Watch. So this adds some new flavor :). I do want to get a nice leather band for dresser occasions.

    Something different i guess, it looks cool but i was even second guessing it since its a change for me. But my fiance says she really likes it to so i guess i will stick with it lol.

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    I bought a white series 0. First, the white is still as pristine looking as launch day when I got it- jeans, dirt, working out, and two small kids. It's quite impressive. I ended up selling the 0 with a black band on it to keep the white band because I like the black/white look as you pointed out.
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    It really does look cool. I think with the white band it makes the band look a little beefier as well, which is good for me since i am a guy who is used to semi larger watches. I used to wear invicta diving watches.

    I swore i read somewhere the white silicone band weighs the most out of all the apple silicone bands. And the the black weighs the least, odd if true. But that is awesome that it has held up with sweat, dirt, and working out. I might not even bother to switch my black band on for the gym if that is the case. I was going to sell it as new on ebay but i figured i would only get about $20 bucks if that since its probably not a super wanted color.
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    After buying the first apple watch which was space grey, first band I bought was white. I even stormtrooper out my cars (evo X couple years back) and got the matte black ip7 with white silicon case. I too am usually not a white anything that touches your hands kind of person but I like the theme i got going with the electronics. If they had a white ASK and case for the ipp 9.7 I would rebuy both over the grey in a heartbeat! Good looking watch though dude! I went with the black SS with link this year after telling myself and my wife that if I wore the OG AW every day that I would upgrade to a nice "timepiece" and I did and I love it! Enjoy not taking your phone out of your pocket every two seconds, hated that.

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