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    Title: Straight Aces
    Developer: Royal Court Games
    Genre: Puzzle/Poker
    Release: Available Now
    FREE* (link)
    $2.99 (link)

    *Ad Supported

    Feature List:
    - Familiar Game, Different Rules
    - Challenging Gameplay
    - Great for Quick Play Sessions
    - Beautiful Graphics
    - Easy to Play
    - Daily Graph to Track Progress
    - Music by the Jason Parker Quartet


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    Straight Aces is poker like you've never played it before. Making special use of the touchscreen, Straight Aces is a fast playing skill based game that pushes your puzzle skills to new heights.

    Unfamiliar with poker?

    Straight Aces is excellent for those who've always wanted to learn, as the game quickly rewards and reinforces good play with extra time and money.

    The goal in Straight Aces is to make as much money, in as fast a time possible.

    Each game session starts with sixty seconds on the clock. There is no limit to the number of hands the player is able to make, but scoring is all about quality, over quantity.

    Based off the standard poker tier system, higher valued hands are worth more money, and also extend the length of the game session. The session ends when the clock reaches zero.

    Special Thanks:
    The Jason Parker Quartet
    Because there was no better music to fit the mood.

    ♠ ♥ ♦ ♣
    If you have any questions or comments please free to message us at

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