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Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by lera, Aug 21, 2002.

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    Dec 26, 2001
    K, We have been expecting the G5 for some time.
    We always expect things way before they come out apple has just bumped almost all of their computers onto the G4.

    We just got sudo-new powermacs that are dual... G4's we were expecting G5's

    Gx is just a name Apple gives to the chips as they see fit to; This arbitrary naming is reliant on their idea of when the chip has morphed into a new phase. when the 60x went to 75x we got G3 and when they added altivec (in the 75xx's) we got G4. We have to remember that apple decides what "G" a chip is. there was a pretty big change in the G4's at about the 500Mhz - 733Mhz line Motorola changed the chip name but apple kept the same name. Perhaps they decided that it was not enough of a change. (they went from a 4 to a 7 stage pipeline which decreased the "efficiency" of the chip arguably making the 733 slower than the 500. Anyway. We've been expecting the G5 and it's not here yet motorola has made no new chip designs so apple can't make a G5. enters IBM's Power4:

    All of these chips are PPC chips. The PPC was created when Apple (likely fed-up with the 680x0 chips) came together with IBM and Motorola (forming A.I.M.) to make a new chip to replace the 68k's the change to PPC was quite like the switch to Mac OS X from the classic OS. PPC's Couldn't run 68k code so apple made a 68k emulator and put it, transparently, in the system just as OS X Can't run older Applications yet with the Classic environment one can run ancient applications (bolo for instance :). This switch to the PPC is where we saw the first divergence from the Mhz myth. The PPC's are much faster, compared with their 68k cousins, than their marginal Mhz difference might have suggested.

    The Power4 is just another PPC. It is however an awesome PPC. our hope is that apple implements something as, or more, powerful than it as their next generation processor which WE have logically coined the G5. the G5 is not some chip we know is being produced but rather what we are calling Apples next chip after the G4.

    I've written a lot more than I first set out to do but I was getting quite fed up with the ignorance that seems to flourish here.


    Ready, Set, BURN lera.
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    Dec 3, 2001
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    Very true. Well put out!

    But... get a few more periods in there... ya have too many run-ons!!

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    Apr 10, 2002
    Well said, I'm with you on the Power4 business. I love the IBm G3s, so why not Power 4s. I'm sure that IBMs Altivec knockoff if good stuff, and Motorola really just keeps apple on the string.
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