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Strange noise when opening lid, BridgeOS crash, overheating issues with MacBook Pro 2020


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Oct 28, 2020
I'm having several issues with a completely new MacBook Pro 2020 (13'') and feeling really, really stuck!

Since getting my MBP a couple of months ago, I've noticed a slightly random clicking or popping sound when I open the lid. It's not related to the internal speakers, fans or anything on the inside. I've tried to find some information about the issue and think it has something to do with the rubber seal or the "vacuum" created when closing the lid. The sound is more likely to come when I open the screen after night or when I've left it for a couple of days untouched. I've contacted Apple Support and had it sent for reparation, but they sent it back the same day it arrived and they just said that they could not recreate the issue. Anyone having the same issue?

Last week (before repair) it also had a Kernel panic due to BridgeOS (bug type 210) which I've read a lot about but mainly on the 2018 MBP. It hasn't happened again, but having some sort of issue with the T2-chip (I assume) doesn't feel too nice. When opening the Console, I noticed hundreds of fault and error messages flowing in just a short period without doing anything on the Mac. This is happening all the time now when I open it and was obviously not directly related to the crash, should I be worried?

The last thing is the temperature, which can go up to 90-100°C when just being on Zoom and Word at the same time. I use iStats for monitoring, and even when the CPU isn't high, the temperature can go really high. I've used MacBook Air before this and have never had similar heating-issues and according to Apple Support, running "light" programs shouldn't heat it that much. This was supposed to be checked with the repair but no one seems to know whether it was done or not (the paper I got with it just said that they checked the hinge).

Should I send it back once more or just try to live with it? In my mind a brand new Mac shouldn't have these issues.
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