(Strange) Safari - Quicktime - issue on Mac OSX Lion (All Updates done - 20/11/2011)

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    Strange issue with Safari - Quicktime video playing - on Mac OSX Lion (All updates done till 20th Nov 2011 night)

    Problem discovery: Tried to view the :apple: Apple iPhone 4S Keynote on Apple Website. Strange that Safari does not display any videos from Apple Website.

    Following works OK:- You Tube worked fine.
    - Google Chrome worked fine. (It shows the quick time player loading and then displays the video absolutely fine.)​
    Conclusion: There is some problem with Safari Quicktime Plug-in.​

    Strange Discovery:
    1. - There are two users on the MAC. Logged in with a general user (Non Admin)
    2. - When tried to view Apple Videos on Safary ... THEY WORKED FINE !!! :eek:
    3. - The user where they donot work is an ADMIN User ... Strange !!!

    1. - Mac-Mini 2010 - 8 GB RAM - with OSX Lion fully software updated until 20th Nov 2011 night.
    2. - DIVX is installed and is also a paid version - registered with DIVX website.
    3. - VLC is installed.
    4. - Perian was installed - after problem discovery - uninstalled it - no use.

    Please help with a solution if anyone has faced and solved this problem. Sub question is : If DIVX / anyother plug-in causes problems with QuickTime plugin on Safari, why does it affect only one user on the system and not other users on that system ?

    1) There is a similar looking thread on MacRumors here but concluded that required to start a seperate one with clear problem statement.

    2) Apple Forums
    (a) One thread on topic that hints that some 3IVX plug-in can cause issues with Safari Quicktime Plugin: :apple:here

    (b) Another thread from Apple Forum, that hints that DIVX causes problems to Safari Quicktime Plug in, Link is :apple:Here
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