Streaming from iPad with Oplayer HD to TV very laggy. how come?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by felixen, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Apr 13, 2009
    I had a movie on my iPad that I wanted to watch. So I hook up the iPad with my component cable and open oplayer HD to play the movie ( an .avi hence why I use oplayer) but the iPad became extremely laggy. Both the movie was laggy but even browsing through my movie on the iPad (still within oplayer) was far from a smooth experience.

    Then I went to the real video player to watch a mp4 movie which worked perfectly fine. So why wouldn't it work properly with oplayer? Watching avi films on the iPad with oplayer works like a charm.

    Also, the mp4 movie I ended up watching was a bad quality one. The music in it was loud and the speech was extremely low. Is it possible to adjust the speech volume compared to the music volume on an mp4 movie?
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    There are MANY factors that can affect playback quality.
    The iPad has specific parameters for MP4 video files to be able to play them back. Basically it won't play certain audio encoded in formats not supported, as well as not playing more than 1280x720p encoded as MP4. There is a data rate limit, too.

    Your experience with OPlayer was playing and AVI file. I'm assuming you didn't create this AVI file but downloaded it from the internet. Depending on its resolution and data rate, as well as the actual encoding that is in the AVI file the processor may not be able to keep up with the rate or decode the file smoothly.

    Here are a few options:
    There are some utilities that can re-encode your files to optimize them for use on an iPad or iPhone. Handbrake is free and often recommended, it has some preset defaults for different devices. Please note: re-encoding video can take quite a long time even with a very fast desktop computer and you may lose some quality of the video.

    RE-ENCODE AUDIO ONLY - under certain conditions
    I've heard but never tried a method that only re-encodes the audio when it is the only offending part that affects playability.

    Check out this thread for possible help:

    If you are comfortable or have a jailbroken device the Cydia app VLC is available and may play back files in a smoother manner. It will depend on the source video you give it, but it has worked very well on my desktop Mac and while I haven't tried many videos on it on my iPad it may work well for you.

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