Stuck in Safe Mode after Pwnage 3.14 JB of 3GS

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by jacobp, Oct 20, 2009.

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    Hello. I have a 32GB 3GS. Previously I had successfully JB'd the phone with RedSnow 0.8 for OS 3.0. I then tried to JB with Pwnage 3.14 to get to OS 3.1.2. I followed the steps detailed here and at iClarified and the result of this effort is that I am stuck in Safe Mode (the screen with the sad face with a bunch of 0s on one line that ends with a F; and a second line with 0s that ends with a 3). At first I got the "Springboard crashed" messge. I tried "Restarting" and then rebooting, but I end up at thesame Safe Mode screen.

    I performed the Pwnage JB without first updating in itunes to 3.1. in other words, the pohone was in a state of 3.0 JB before I attmepted this latest JB.

    I even ran the attempted JB a second time and increased the root partition size to 695MB. But I got the same result.

    Any suggstions as to how I can get this to work?
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    re: Stuck in Safe Mode after Pwnage 3.14 JB of 3GS

    I had the same issue, but ONLY after trying to install SBSettings or BossApps (my only purpose for jailbreaking) through Cydia, and then through Icy. I ALSO encountered the problem when I tried to uninstall Five Icon Dock (which, though installed, did not function in 3.12). It appears the problem is that many (most?) of the apps that worked with previous versions of the 3.x OS do not work in this iteration, at least not with this particular jailbreak solution. The solution to your problem MIGHT be to refrain from auto-installing any Cydia apps during the jailbreaking process and then only installing apps that you have confirmed will work with 3.12 after you have jailbroken. Hopefully a new wave of compatible versions of the apps will follow in the coming weeks but for now my experience has been that several very standard apps will just plain break your system.

    So, build another IPSW without pre-loading any Cydia apps/utilities this time then restore your iPhone using the new IPSW and see if that does the trick.
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    Careful now...All the apps that you mentioned above work fine on 3.1.2, so I believe there is some other problem. I do agree that one should not build a custom ipsw with cydia or icy packages (those should be installed after the jailbreak). And forget is just messing most people up and it is no longer supported AFAIK.

    I built a custom ipsw with pwnage 3.1.4 on a Mac then used that to restore my 3.1 jbroken 3G to 3.1.2 on my Windows pc. No issues whatsoever with the install or app compatibility with 3.1.2. Only minor problem was themed icons not all taking on their them versions, but that was easily fixed.

    Good luck!

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