Success! - I performed by first "Disaster Recovery" restore via Crashplan

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    I think that I have a very robust backup recovery plan... and last night, I had to perform my first ever "disaster recovery" using off-site cloud backup.


    Family of four with a total of eight Macs. Each of us has a 27" iMac ('09, '10, '11, '12) and a MBA ('10, '11, '12, 13). Each person has an individual Time Capsule to back up their own systems. We also have a Crashplan+ unlimited family plan backing up all of the computers. For my personal machine, I also clone my media using CCC to a set of drives that are rotated off-site -- as I maintain the master copy of all "irreplaceable media", including our entire Aperture library and personal "camcorder" videos. These are all irreplaceable.

    • Time Machine/Time Capsule - Local backup of all machines
    • Crashplan+ - Offsite backup of all machines for disaster recovery
    • CCC - Cloned backup (2 copies) of all irreplaceable media, rotated off-site

    Disaster Recovery:

    For the first time (last night)... I needed to restore from Crashplan+. Yesterday... my daughter dropped her 2010 MBA, totally destroying it... so we purchased a replacement last night. Unknown to me... she had stopped backing up her MBA to her Time Capsule while she was away at grad school; I think her motive for shutting it off was to prevent backups while she was playing WoW. In any case... it was never turned back on and her Time Capsule backup was woefully out of date.

    We set up her new MBA last night as a "new machine". Previously, we would always restore from TM when we got new machines. Then I needed to do a few manual things that would have been "mostly" unnecessary if we had the TM backup.
    • Manually install Drobpox
    • Install a few applications (ex: MS Office, iWork, Aperture)
    • Start a new TM backup to her TC
    At this point, she had a good machine... but had none of her personal data. The next steps were pretty slick:
    • Installed Crashplan+ on her new machine
    • Restored all of her personal data from Crashplan
    • Set Crashplan to "Inherit her old backup".
    I set this up before I went to bed, and everything restored perfectly. Her machine was "pre-backed up" to the cloud because of inheriting her old backup... and overnight, everything was backed up to her Time Capsule... and both backups (TM & CP+) have been running automatically.


    The entire procedure was a lot easier than I expected, and it was MUCH easier than I feared. One thing that made it easy was that it was her small 128GB MBA, which by definition would be relatively "data lite". Still... it is a great reassurance that everything works as planned, and a full recovery is quite possible... or even "trivial" to perform. In fact, it was so easy to do, that I could have easily restored my machine in a hotel room while traveling anywhere in the world (near an Apple store).

    If I ever needed to do this on my iMac (1.5 TB of Crashplan+ backup data)... then I would spend the $125 to have them Fed-Ex me an encrypted backup-set to do a local restore. The fact that this option exists is by itself quite valuable.

    Bottom line: I am really pleased!!!

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    Congrats on a happy ending. I hope your daughter better understands the need for good backups.

    How is Crashplan for bandwidth usage? I need a backup solution when doing extended travel in our RV. I need offsite storage but the wifi speed in many campgrounds is pathetic. I also don't want to put that data through my Verizon mifi or it will cost me a fortune.
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    It really depends on how much data is changing, as Crashplan uses incremental backups.

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    Just goes to show just how invaluable current up to date backups are. We have a Windows based media server with over 500 HD movies, TV shows etc etc. A couple of months back the LB died, and we had to replace it....Fortunately, I was able to copy the media off by removing the HDD's and transferring the libraries to my R4, and my iMac.

    After we replaced the LB, we installed a dedicated HDD for media only. The stuff has been collected over years by my fiancee, and we didn;t lose anything, but are now in a far better place with double copies.

    My iMac, her MBA and my rMBP are backed up to a 3TB TC, and all mission critical data lives on BOTH arrays of my R4

    Backup = peace of mind..:)

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