Suggestion: Add subforum for Security and Privacy

Should a forum for non-political discussions on Security and Privacy be added to the forum?

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  • No, everything is fine as is

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Dec 25, 2014
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I believe having this added as a sub-forum would be a welcome addition to the site. I would find it very useful.
The issue is not going away. It grows and becomes increasingly important by the day. Privacy is a huge area where users have to become more aware and understand their own responsibilities.

Since information has become the most valuable commodity in society, and due to the nature of the power given to those that control it, all aspects of manipulation of information will have an exponential effect on our lives. Thus the principles of securing and assuring it needs to be understood to a degree by anyone processing information digitally.

An other aspect is that :apple: philosophically supports the principle of privacy. No other major player do that.*

*don't know about that. Taking the position of being a contractor to the Ministry for Truth is very oob.
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Apr 19, 2014
I propose a subforum for security and privacy related discussions because they seem to get posted everywhere with little organization. Lots of people will put them under the device subforums (iPhone, Macbook Pro, etc), even though it's not really a device specific question. Others will put them under the macOS or iOS subforums, but there are a lot of those and the topics are not usually related to the OS specifically. One forum to gather them all would attract people who know their stuff to answer them in one place.

Just my $.02.


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Jul 29, 2008
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Actually, that is an excellent idea @556fmjoe, and I agree with what @SandboxGeneral has said; security can get lost in so many other areas of the forum as one discusses security shortfalls in specific devices, rather than addressing and discussing the wider issue of security online.


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Sep 22, 2019
How come there no forum in the Special Interests section for Privacy & Security? Given how badly companies are abusing our privacy and how much Apple says it's protecting our privacy, it'd be cool if MacRumors had a dedicated forum to the topics where we could discuss the issues and learn from each other.


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Sep 22, 2019
It's baffling that MR still does not have a dedicated privacy and security subforum considering how the two are integral to not only Apple, but the national discourse around privacy.

I had a privacy question today and had no idea where to post it. I ended up throwing it in the iPhone forum since that is the forum that seems to get the most views. Yet the question related to not only the iPhone and iOS, but the Mac, macOS, and iCloud.

MR - please please please launch a security and privacy topic subforum.


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Nov 15, 2013
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I suggested this several years ago and was told by one of the site moderators that it would not happen because security was not a one-forum kind of issue. At least I think that was the argument. I'm with you, however, it's time for a security/privacy forum.
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