Suggestions for an external monitor that is optimal for reading?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by hkim1983, Jan 28, 2013.

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    Feb 5, 2009
    While researching monitors to purchase to go along with my MBP, the one product that comes up time and time again is the Dell Ultrasharp line. Although a little pricier compared to its peers, it seemed like a fantastic value for your money, that is, until I read about the anti-glare coating. Reading stories of users who have experienced a "grainy" or "sparkly" effect, especially noticeable against white or light backgrounds, did not sound appealing to me at all, and it's something that would probably drive me insane.

    Before I go on, I want to state my needs in an external:
    -I do not create any media, although I do consume media regularly, so I appreciate IPS monitors and their depiction of colors.

    -I'm looking for a 21-22" in either 16:9, or a 23-24" in 16:10. I would prefer 16:10, but if the additional cost to acquire that is too high, I would be ok with 16:9.

    -I will be doing a lot of reading on this thing, so it must produce clear, sharp text. This is the single-most important thing I'm looking for in the monitor bar none. Aggressive AG coating like the Dells don't do that for me.

    -In terms of connectivity options...if it had HDMI, I would be happy, but, if it didn't, it's not a big deal. Ghosting would bother me though, so I would prefer if that were minimized.

    -I'm willing to spend between $200-$300. Before anyone says it, yes, I'm aware that the Dell U2410 is currently selling for $300, but again, that AG coating...

    -It would be nice if the stand were adjustable, and if the monitor had OSCs, but this isn't a make or break thing.

    -I'm aware of the Korean alternatives, but I'm not willing to take a "gamble" at this point in time.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it!
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    Feb 5, 2009
    Well, for those who care, these are the preliminary results of my research:

    Generally speaking, current IPS monitors (with a few exception) all employ harsh AG coating on them that makes reading text on a light background irritating for some people. There are only 3 alternatives if you want to stay in the IPS/IPS-esqe world:

    -Apple Cinema Displays
    -Korean "A-" grade monitors
    -Samsung PLS monitors

    Actually, the only thing that makes the Samsung monitors notable is that their AG coating doesn't seem to be as harsh, otherwise, it seems like their last line of PLS monitors had major quality control issues.

    So for people like me, you basically have to pony up for an ACD, gamble on a Korean, wait for Samsung to clean up their production, or hope that other manufacturers find an alternative to the way they approach AG...

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