Summary of questions I'd like to ask about iPhone 3G & firmware 2.0

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by big_malk, Jun 10, 2008.

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    OK, many of these have probably been asked and answered around the place, but searching didn't turn up much, and a little summarising wouldn't hurt anyway. If anyone has any other questions, add away :)

    Bluetooth - I believe the stack, or something like that, limited the BT capabilities of the 'current iPhone', has this changed? Could BT file exchange be possible with an App?
    Would we need to see the new hardware before this can be answered?

    Finder - As far as I know there's no such thing as a File Manager in the current or 2.0 firmware, but that kinda limits the scope of 3rd party Apps, doesn't it? No where to save files or move them between Apps. (How could I write a rich text document then email it, for example?)

    MMS - Does the SDK T&C allow what ever is required to allow the iPhone to send and receive MMS? I'd assume it would have to intercept the message before the SMS app tried to handle it and says no, right?

    Copy & Paste - This wouldn't be possible to add with under the SDK T&C, right? :(

    Purchased Apps, restored iPhone - I buy lots of lovely Apps, then my iPhone goes kerplunk, I restore it, all is well. But do I need to buy my Apps again, or can I just re-download them for free, or what?

    Push email on an unlocked iPhone - I'm currently using my iPhone unlocked on a non-Apple-chosen network, would the push email work in this situation, or would their servers know and decline it?

    Tea - Will the new iPhone be able to make me cups of tea or demand?
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    I can answer this one:

    It doesn't know what tea is.
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    From what I understand, when you sync with iTunes, your apps will sync with iTunes as well. To restore your apps, just sync your phone.
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    MMS, is possible, although the app would need to maintain the connection by being connected in the background which won't happen because of the SDK.

    Bluetooth, it is possible, although the programming would be needed aka software, although I don't think apple want you sharing all your music around. The hardware is technically there.

    Copy/Paste, probably not, because of the way no programs are allowed to run in the background.

    Purchased apps, are probably going to be linked to your itunes store account therefore making them permanently linked to your account, and so if your iphone loses a copy of the app, it can be copied back on with no problems.

    Push email, not sure, probably yes as long as your internet works due to it being correctly set.

    Tea, .... err .... maybe spill some on it.... see what happens
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    Apparently not. And it can't be done with an application cause of the SDK limitations. But Apple can certainly update it through software...

    MobileFinder claims that they have an SDK version. How? I have no idea.
    Applications can only modify its own directory. So you wouldn't be able to move or save them unless Apple came out with something.

    As for Text Documents, think of it like Notes. The Notes application saves what you write, and you can email them. No way to sync...but you can email your notes.

    I don't think so. I didn't see anything in the API. Otherwise it'd be a GUI that works with the current web based MMS provider. Apple would have to do it on this one.

    Not possible even with the SDK in its state. You can copy and paste within your own application. But running in the background is against T&C...and interacting with other applications like Safari...not possible through the SDK API.

    They should be sync'd to your computer thorough iTunes (new iTunes). But anyway, think of it like music and regular computer applications. If both your backup (itunes) and your device (iPhone) die, then you can't redownload them. I'm sure you'll be able to back up applications just like music on a CD (it will ask you to back up purchases).

    I don't know for sure, but my guess is that it will work, since email doesn't really have correlation with the carrier.

    I hope...I like hot chocolate.

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