Sun-Sentinal: FEMA: A Legacy of Waste

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by zimv20, Sep 18, 2005.

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    Jul 18, 2002

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    More Federal waste and abuse, but shouldnt we be using the Dept of Homeland Security to blame instead of a agency that was removed from its mission? The Federal Govt isnt accountable for anything. Nothing. it doesnt matter what they do next. The Hurricane only went to show this in a big way. They will be spinning this a million ways and in the end we all get the bill or our grandkids will. We better start having a way to measure and correct the federal govts performance on a large amount of DOMESTIC issues. At the moment we have a govt gone astray. Corporations decide policy. Homeland Security beats its chest and yet the the Mexican border is left wide open? We are Fed spin.. They are using the American taxpayer. Rant over. :D time for a Coors. :)
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    Apr 24, 2003
    I wouldn't mind a little waste from an agency whose mission is to work in declared disaster areas if they were producing results.

    What I do mind is massive waste and fraud with little results.
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    And we are supposed to be surprised by this? Just look at the roll call of companies that are profiting with the war in Iraq.

    Then we have other companies that are being made to jump through hoops because of Sarbanes-Oxly. For the longest time we have lacked controls in any Administration to fight fraud and waste.

    Having worked in the reseller market, I cringe at seeing my tax dollars squandered each September. Many years ago the place I worked for charged the US Navy manufacturers list price for some Nikon lenses. These prices are sometimes $100's over the actual street price.
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    Yar! Me thinks of me self as a fine gentleman o' fortune, but th' scallowags at FEMA be sendin' shivers up me spine. True pirates be they. Me hearties have a plank for 'em all to be walkin'. All th' captains, that is. Those that be servin' under 'em be a fine group o' sea dogs indeed.

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