Super Drives


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Jul 9, 2001
Any body have any juice about whether or not the DVD burning Super Drives will trickle down the line of PowerMacs?

It would be extremely cool if Apple would introduce them at more then just the highest end desktop. But I guess that's how they make their money.



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Jul 10, 2001
well il would be smarter to introduce faster drive first
the actual one is a little bit sluggish


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Jun 13, 2001
Cincinnati, OH
Considering that Pioneer sells that same drive for around $1000, I have trouble seeing that this is really a high margin option on Apple's high-end G4.

I'll bet the reason we haven't seen the drive on G4s other than the top end box has more to do with wanting to ensure decent performance. Doesn't making DVDs require a LOT of horsepower?

If it's also true that faster G4s are coming next week then I would not be surprised to see the SuperDrive be included as the performance keeps ratcheting up.

- Steve