Supranational Courts and ISDS

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    Interesting read. To (attempt) to paraphrase. There is a supranational court that adjudicates Corporate vs State interests. It is powerful enough that Nations must bend to it's decisions, has little oversight or transparency, and it is being used a lot more these days. ISDS refers to "Investor-State-dispute settlement" which is the process of bringing the issue up to the Court. It should also be noted that it is written into the language of NAFTA and TPP.

    I'll let readers come to their own conclusions about what they glean - but with the glut of threads about Hillary or Trump, this calls into question the ability of any party to effect much in the way of a radical departure and also begs the questions: Who exactly is in charge? Who should we be blaming for our Economic situation?
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    This is the same problem found in the EU. It's a complex system that takes control of the economy and places it in the hands of some other power.

    It's one of the parts of the TPP that we're not allowed to know about and one of the reasons that it's a secret.

    Bernie, Warren and Trump are against this. Hillary is for it and it will end up giving huge power to those that understand how to work the system. It's designed to be so complex that regular people have no chance of understanding it.

    Much like our justice system, if you don't understand the justice system at the same level as a lawyer you lose. The elite have the clever lawyers and the rest don't.

    Sadly, the voters don't see this, they'll end up learning the hard way.

    The same trick was use by Gruber when he made the ACA so complex that nobody could understand it, it was passed in a hurry and now we see that it's not working and we're stuck with it.

    Humans always have to learn things the hard way.

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