Swapping Verizon iPhones


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Oct 21, 2009
Tampa Area, FL
My dad is taking the plunge and getting an iPhone tomorrow. He doesn't want a 4s but needs more than 8 gb, so my awesome solution was he buys the 4s and I give him the $100 difference and my old 4 and take the 4s. So I was wondering, this shouldn't be a problem to do at the Verizon corporate store, right? They just swap the phones over to the other accounts and it shouldn't screw up anything with my plan or data or upgrade date?
Also, do you guys think I might have a hard time finding a 16gb 4s in white in stock anywhere? I know things were crazy for a while with stock, but has it settled down yet? I know... Call the store and ask. This plan just transpired though so the store is closed.


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Jul 7, 2010
Bay Area
Shouldn't be an issue. They will just upgrade his account and activate it on his line. Once that is done they will remove it off and add it to yours.
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