Sweeter Interface switch


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May 5, 2002
Gold Coast, Australia
I speculate Apple could make X more customizable-skinning the titlebars and other aspects of the Aqua interface, if they acquired Stardock, makers of of WindowBlinds,ObjectBar (add a Windows starbar- like ACTION GoMac did, DesktopX- a version for X could be used to cvreate a whole new X desktop. Apple could port these to the Macintosh.


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Jan 19, 2002
If Apple were to acquire such a company, it would be for the sole purpose of shutting them down.

Apple has strict guidelines about everything in the UI, and usability, and skins are notorious for breaking things just a little here and there. As a company, Apple has stood fast against skinning Mac OSes, and has made it even more difficult with X. They want it to be their way, because 3rd party skins always break rules, and Apple developed skins would cost millions (each would be developed to the degree & consistency of Aqua, then user tested, then refined, then user tested, then released).