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Apr 12, 2001
- We've opened a specific forum for users to post their own personal Switch Stories.

- A reminder that we have an RSS file published here:

- Forbes joins the fray with a Mac rumor summary which appears to derive it's info from this site and related rumor sites.

- General Cybernetics donated an iBook 12.1 to Jason Eric Smith -- the user who helped catch the ebay-scammer.



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Oct 24, 2002
Columbus, Ohio
(Hey, great first post...)

Looks like nothing really new on the Forbes site; just a summary of stuff here and elsewhere.

Would be nice to actually have BlueTooth in all machines; hope that's true. I also hope for new iMovie (but you'll have to have Jaguar to run it, I'm pretty sure). Speedbumps are OK, but a new processor sooner than later would be nice (not in January, but maybe by July???)

Merry Christmas, everybody!


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Apr 9, 2001
Originally posted by Macette
hey... what's an RSS file? sorry to be dumb.

Sorry... here's an explanation:

Websites that publish new content regularly usually provide a list of news headline style links to their latest content. In addition to displaying these headlines on their own websites, it is very common for publishers to make them available for syndication, so that other websites or applications can also include their headlines.

Headline syndication does not deal with the full text of articles, it is simply about syndicating an automatically updating list of headlines, with each headline being a link to the item that it refers to on the publishers website.

RSS is the name given to a simple and well-established XML format used to syndicate headlines. Once a website creates an RSS file they have created a means to allow others to syndicate their headlines.



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Apr 9, 2001
Originally posted by irmongoose
How do you use the RSS file on your page? Is there an option in Dreamweaver?

You need a script to parse it. I believe there are several freely available RSS parsers available in various web languages (php, perl). Just do a google search.


Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
Very nice all around, although the Forbes blurb is a little more entertaining than the others - Rumors are steadily building about what to expect next from Apple Computer and its rock star Chief Executive Steve Jobs

I do not see Jobs as a rock star, funny turn of phrase here - could it just be the turtlenecks and jeans or the showmanship? Ha :D

And again, nice job b2tm and General Cybernetics!



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May 30, 2002
Who isn't using the RSS file??

I _have_ to use Slashdock and RSS files to keep my regular sites straight. If you visit more than 3 sites on a daily basis, especially slashdot, macslash, macrumors, etc, get slashdock. Thanks macrumors for having an RSS feed. :)


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Nov 8, 2002
Chinatown NYC
Looks like the Forbes article didn't give any credence to any of the "digital hub device" rumors. Probably the rather tame updates that Forbes listed are more realistic, but, man, it would be nice to see some razzle-dazzle at MWSF...


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Jul 27, 2002
Damn...B2TM, you have a heart of gold. That's like the nicest thing i think I've ever heard anyone do for a complete stranger.


god bless us...every one


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Aug 14, 2001
I'm sure Forbes won't be banned from MacWorld Press priveleges if they so desire them. Even though many smaller, less powerful publications have been blackballed for less glaring rumor-mongering, the attention of Forbes is probably seen as positive (weather it's speculation or not).
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