Switching from Airport Extreme 'n' to Time Capsule 'ac'... do I have this right?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by talkin73, Feb 16, 2014.

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    I think I'm going to end up with the Time Capsule but don't completely understand all the factors that impact this issue so thought I'd ask for feedback...

    We have a late-2013 MBPr and late-2011 MBA. Network is Verizon Fios 50/25 with an 'n' router that has 1Gbit ethernet ports, one of which is connected to our Airport Extreme 'n' base station. We have the Verizon network and another Apple network which I extend with an Airport Express on the other side of the house due to range issues in certain locations.

    I would replace the Airport Extreme with a new Time Capsule 'ac' to add Time Machine backups and with goal of getting better range from the router than current Airport Extreme provides through the beam forming technology. Given the theoretical speed limits of the 'ac' wireless in the TC, the Fios service certainly seems to be the bottleneck and rate-limiting step so I don't expect to get any speed boost from this change. I would like to remove the Airport Express from the equation as well, if possible, because it's my understanding that every extra router you have 'extending' the network can also slow it down.

    Final setup is Fios router with TC 'ac' plugged in. I then have better range (definitely to the MBPr, possibly to the MBA) and the ability to do wireless Time Machine backups in the background without any fuss or muss on my part (fingers crossed). I can probably remove the Airport Express to avoid any potential artificial slow downs in the network from having an extender if the TC 'ac' actually produces the desires range-extending effects.

    Any blatantly false assumptions here? Am I missing something or is my anticipated end result likely to occur?
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    The Best setup from your perspective would be as follows:
    - setup Fios box as modem only (Bridge mode) -> means disable it as a router/firewall/WIFI
    - setup you new Time Capsule 'ac' as the router by connecting it to the Fios box via ethernet
    - optional if you want to have better WIFI coverage -> connect your old Airport extrem via ethernet cable(potentially long) to create a WFI net work with the same name/password as you time capsule WIFI.
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    Yes, I'd keep the Extreme in the setup. Mine works thus:

    ISP Modem / Router running in Modem only mode.
    Connect Modem to Time Capsule
    Connect AE to Time Capsule...either using a cable or via wifi.
    Set the AE to "Extend Network"

    Good to go.

    I have two Smart TV's that connect to the TC's extra ports.
    Two ATV's also cabled in one in the lounge, one in the bedroom
    A Smart Blu-Ray Unit in both rooms

    All works perfectly, and I get 90MBS+ over wifi on my rmbp, IP5 and iPad.

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