Switching iPhone 5 to different Verizon Line, am I worrying too much?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by black743, Sep 14, 2012.

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    Is this going to be a big deal? I know this one uses a nano-sim. Will I have to go to the store to get a new sim or do I just call before activating the phone? My mother uses my second line and I don't want her to have her phone switched off and on or go through any hassle while I'm doing this.

    Can someone walk me through the steps?
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    Same question here. I upgraded the line on my "dumb phone" line. Posters kept saying that I should have no problem putting the iphone on my second line and canceling the "new" data plan on line 1.

    I am slightly worried since I figured Verizon would mandate a data plan on that line for the duration of the contract, because it was used to purchase a discounted iPhone.

    It seems too simple to order the iPhone on line 1, activate it on line 2 with my unlimited data, and then simply remove the data plan that they provisioned for line 1 when the iPhone is activated.
  3. bitslap47, Sep 14, 2012
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    If I recall in the past for iPhone 4, AT&T:

    When you order the phone, you supply a number. This number is used only to check upgrade eligibility. The phone and/or SIM is not associated with the number at this time because it would make your current phone stop working.

    When you get your phone and plug it into iTunes, it detects the fresh never activated SIM card. It will ask you what phone number to associate it with. Here, just enter the number you actually want the phone to work on. NOT the number you used when you ordered.

    I don't remember if you have to say set up as new to get the phone number prompt, but I would say setup as new to be sure.
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    Well I know you can change data plans all you want. In fact, you can change voice plans all you want, as long as you have a voice plan then you're good.

    Worse comes to worse, I would just bail over to the new share everything plan, which seems that it may lower my bill by a couple of dollars anyway.

    I spoke with verizon support and she said to call BEFORE ACTIVATING my phone and they would switch the phone and sim over to my number. If I activated it first, the 4g sim would associate with the other number and I would need a new sim (no big deal but trip to a store).

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