Symbian to develop mobile apps

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 17, 2009.

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    Shouldn't that be "such as Apple and Microsoft"? :) They make it sound like MS had a mobile app store first.

    It's funny -- they still don't get it, do they? It's not just the software or just the hardware. It's the marriage of the two into an intuitive and powerful device. So far the competition seems to have produced cool hardware with crappy software, or great software with less-than-stellar hardware. And Symbian will have a big hurdle to jump: making sure that their apps can work well on all the different devices out there. Good luck!
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    Nope. Just apps through third party providers. Nokia did, however, have a store first. It was just a bit rubbish.

    Uh... Ovi already offers apps to multiple variations of Nokia phones. I think Symbian know what they're doing here.
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    I am not sure where to begin here..... is it with the cumbersome OS on Nokia phones or with the inability to properly take a backup with the Nokia Sync software???

    Oh wait, I will start with the inability to install apps onto Nokia phones. If you had a S40 phone, it was really easy. But then you needed to have enough applications for it which isnt there currently!!!! But if you had a S60 phone (which I do), you have to obtain a SIS certificate authenticating the app before copying and installing. And this is so far only in S60 3rd edition. If you look at the new version of S60 OS, making modifications is strictly impossible with a tight sandbox built into the software. So forget about making any changes at all.

    And the Mosh store by Nokia was horrible. Now if they had somehow integrated it better than completely disband it, now they could have some competition to Apple. But Ovi is not catering to one set of devices. Its multiple devices with different configurations. Developers are going to have a field day with this creating so many apps for so many phones.

    Sorry, Symbian. Your alignment with Nokia is off-base. Not only does your OS not scale any on a touchscreen, it cannot take advantage of the existing hardware to provide a really good experience. What you should be doing now is this.

    You help Nokia keep its base of producing cheap phones in large quantities in developing nations. You come up with apps for those phones that can help them in overcoming poverty or achieving prosperity. But dont ever come to the smartphone side. You cannot beat Apple or RIM. Its too hard considering you dont have a foothold in the US nor is there a big market for smartphones in developing nations.
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    Well since your first point is a matter of taste and your second is flat out wrong I'm not sure where we can begin.

    Excuse me?

    Not surprising since S40 series are feature phones not smartphones. The app set is naturally limited.

    Fixed since S60v3 FP1. S60 will ask you about unassigned applications but you can still install them.

    Again incorrect. I presume you're referring to S60v5 and not S60v3 FP2. Either way you're wrong.

    MOSH wasn't a store it was a developer community.

    Well since they had already developed most of the S60v2 and v3 versions before Ovi and there are plenty for S60v5 I disagree.

    It could be better but it works. Yes, it needs it improved but the experience is acceptable.

    Which is what the later 5 series and 6 series models do.

    This is simply astounding. Nokia currently have 41% of the total smartphone market - up 3% from last quarter and more than the next four providers combined. Apple and RIM provide healthy competition but let's be honest here - outside the US - which is a healthy but smaller market - Nokia outsell Apple and RIM comprehensively in the smartphone sector.

    Perhaps you shouldn't have begun this comment at all?
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    Nokia executives must be crying when they read this and other similar articles that have been published recently.

    There have been third party applications for Nokia smartphones since the '90s, before the word "smartphone" was even in use. There where free applications like games and basic utilities (ftp, telnet) and commercial applications like spreadsheet programs developed by third party companies for phones like the Nokia 9110 that users could download and install. Anyone could join the Nokia developer community and get a free SDK CD-ROM simply by applying by e-mail.

    Nokia's giant failure is the fact that they have been in the app business for a decade and still journalists and analysts alike now say "oh, Nokia should learn from Apple and start making phones that you can install software on".

    Nokia was way ahead of everyone else, but did such a poor implementation of the whole thing and communicated it so poorly to its users that hardy anyone noticed.
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    It will be interesting to see how Nokia responds
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    Are there really people in the world who own/have used an S60 phone and think that you "can't install apps"? Really? If so, said people should not be allowed to drive or use anything sharper than a butter knife.

    For most Apps, say, VLC player or Nimbuzz, you go into your browser. Google said App. Download it from your browser and install it. It's no different than downloading and installing an app on your computer.

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